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02 April 2012

Making the world a greener place – ebm-papst trainees develop global sustainability campaign

Get environmental protection, sustainability and efficiency even more intensely embedded in the worldwide workforce! That is what the trainees at ebm-papst aim to do. And to this end they have conceived the campaign "Every day is a GreenDay". The idea of the young colleagues is that for a whole year, one of ebm-papst's worldwide subsidiaries will organise a "green" campaign week, with the site changing on a weekly basis.

"We noticed that here in Germany, we do a lot for energy efficiency and climate protection, and these are things that are often talked about," Lisa Bahr, trainee and member of the GreenDay project group, tells us. "We want to promote this commitment all around the world," Bahr continues, explaining the idea behind the "Every day is a GreenDay" project.

Last winter, trainees from Mulfingen and St. Georgen presented their sustainability concept to the chairman of the ebm-papst Managing Directors, Hans-Jochen Beilke. He agreed. "For many years, energy efficiency and environmental protection have been key elements of our training," Hans-Jochen Beilke explains. "I am very pleased that our trainees look that far to the future and have put together this outstanding project,", the company CEO continues.

On 16 April 2012, the global trainee program will be kicked off with a visit from the Baden-Württemberg Minister of the Environment, Franz Untersteller, to Mulfingen. For a full week, the employees at the company headquarters in Mulfingen will be offered a whole range of green activities and events, from information stands about the issues of sustainability and conservation of resources, to test drives with the new electric hybrid car, to personal energy consultations. In addition, the expedition vehicle of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation will be on site for public viewing on the Monday to Wednesday afternoons until 18.00 hrs.

Highlight of the week is set to be an evening event at which the trainees project ebm-papst Energy Scouts will be awarded the "Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas" prize. Afterwards, the subject "Ecology - a driver of growth?" will be debated by physicist and economic journalist Ranga Yogeshwar, politician Rezzo Schlauch, economist Chris Boyd and climate researcher Prof. Dr. Hans von Storch.

From Mulfingen, the campaign week "Every day is a GreenDay" will move on to the ebm-papst subsidiary in Austria. The following stations will then be Italy, St. Georgen, Belarus, Greece, Czech Republic, Denmark, USA etc. On 15 March 2013, the campaign will reach its conclusion in South Korea.

You can follow "Every day is a GreenDay" at

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